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Saturday, September 10 2016
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Outlot of Kohl's Department Store
Boughton Road (East of Weber Road) in Bolingbrook
Drop off of Donations: 7:30 to 9:00 AM on the day of sale. All donations must be clean and in good, usable condition.
All items, except books and clothing, should be pre-priced with easily-removable price tags.
We reserve the right to refuse any items.
If you have any questions about the sale or any of the above, please email 
We will accept:
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories, all sizes, all seasons (NO underwear)
  • Houshold items: dishes, knickknacks, pictures, etc. (NO mirrors)
  • Small working appliances with proper electric cord.
  • Puzzles, games (clean and complete & taped shut).
  • Books: fiction and nonfiction—please, no textbooks, encyclopedias or magazines.
  • Linens: towels, blankets, tablecloths, small rugs.
  • Sporting goods: no bowling balls or exercise equipment
  • Stereo equipment (portable only).
  • Major appliances, paint, ping-pong or pool tables, cribs, car seats, makeup, furniture, or Christmas trees.
Money raised will be used to provide medical care, food and other items needed for all of our dogs and cats.
Humane Haven Animal Shelter is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. We will provide receipts for all donations for income tax purposes at the time items are dropped off.
Any items not sold will be donated. Thank you for your support!

Our August episode of For The Love of Animals is out!
Please watch our August installment to learn about the new dogs and kittens we have available for adoption from our shelter! This is a very important episode as there is lots of information! Please watch because throughout the show we will give tips on how to be an effective guardian to a dog, provide insight into how our shelter's canine intake process works, explain the value and importance of vaccinations, elaborate how to groom a long-haired cat, talk about our upcoming garage sale and share the tragedy of the "Rescue Kittens" we rescued and saved from a `hoarder house.' 

 Whistling for Canine Volunteers! 
Humane Haven Animal Shelter (HHAS) is an all-volunteer organization and as such we depend on the generous gift of your time to provide the social interaction, feeding and care that our homeless animals so richly deserve. We are in need of volunteers to help with dog care. Will you make a difference for a homeless pet?

July's "For the Love of Animals" is up on YouTube! 
Please watch our July installment to learn about the wonderful news we have about successfully placing two of our longest resident dogs, to meet our newest rescue dog and see many of the wonderful playful kittens we have for adoption as we enter the summer 2016 season!

These Two Kids Made a Fantastic Impact for the Animals of HHAS!
Humane Haven Animal Shelter would like to introduce you to Audrey and Thomas, two outstanding kids who made a fantastic impact for the homeless cats and dogs of HHAS.
Audrey recently celebrated her birthday. As part of that celebration, her birthday party was held in honor of Humane Haven Animal Shelter. All the gifts that were received were items to help feed and care for the homeless dogs and cats of Humane Haven.
As part of a challenge for a school project, Thomas chose to collect donations and donated items to provide for the feeding and care of our cats and dogs while we work to place them in loving Forever Homes.
Humane Haven Animal Shelter would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous community and these two special kids for their thoughtful gifts, the work and time they put into them and the positive impact they helped make for all the animals we care for. It is our great pleasure to receive surprises and generosity. Audrey and Thomas embody the very values and spirit that animal rescue is about, and we are so thankful to have been selected by these two!

If you have lost your pet:
If you have lost your pet, please call your surrounding animal control facilities. Humane Haven Animal Shelter does not pick up stray animals off the streets. Please don't stop at calling only your town's animal control, your pet can travel far or be brought to a town other than your own. Call all surrounding animal control facilities and report your pet missing. Is your pet micro-chipped? Please call your veterinarian and make and appointment ASAP if not. Be responsible and safe, your pets are depending on you.

  Humane Haven Animal Shelter (HHAS) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that has dedicated itself to the preservation and protection of the pets of our communities, serving as their voice, through placement of homeless pets in compatible loving homes and providing pet care awareness and education.  You can learn more about us on our About Us page. 

Would you please consider giving the gift of a donation to our animals? We use Paypal to accept donations through this website. Just click on the "Donate" button to the left!  Or, if you would like, you can also volunteer some of your time to work with loving dogs who want a Forever Home. We need volunteers to help with caring for our canines! You can learn more about it.

Did you know that Humane Haven also has a television show?  Learn about pet care, the dogs and cats we care for that are looking to be placed in their Forever Home and so much more by watching "For the Love Of Animals" in your community!

We have great news as part of our ongoing enhancements for 2012: Our show is now available to view on-line! Now anybody can watch it from anywhere -- and we hope you do.  If you cannot catch one of the airing times below or do not receive the channel, simply go to and click "Web Links" from the left side of the screen. Then select "For the Love of Animals" to watch our show!

Bolingbrook Community Channel 6
Mondays 6:30pm & Fridays 8pm
Woodridge Community TV
Daily at 2pm and 11pm