Over the last couple weeks we have had an influx of many amazing families and kind individuals who came to visit kitties and submit applications with us. All were looking to adopt a family member or find a new best friend. Thanks to the attention our cats have been getting in this time, we haven’t been able to keep up with all the activity! It is always wonderful to see our homeless cats and kittens meet loving individuals and welcoming families who can open their hearts and their homes to these little lost souls. Rescue is a labor of love on the part of our volunteers, but it is also dependent upon the love of people in our community and surrounding area to make room for our homeless cats and kittens.

We are so very honored to have found homes for these eight cats, and we wish that everyone can have many years of love and making happy memories together with the new members of their Forever Families. We cannot express the heartfelt gratitude and thanks we feel that each cat and kitten below has been given such an amazing chance to know happiness, safety, warmth, kindness and love.

To that end we’d like to share eight of our recent “Success Stories,” cats and kittens who have been adopted and are homeless no more! Nothing makes us happier than upholding our mission of caring for and placing homeless pets with loving families.

We are pleased to announce the placement of the following cats with their new adoptive families. You can click on a thumbnail to see a larger image! They are: Peppermint, Nigel, Joey, Wintergreen, Twister, Tupper, Spearmint and Petunia & Indigo!