The April 2018 edition of For The Love of Animals is up, courtesy of Bolingbrook Community Television Channel 6!  For our April show we have a number of adoptable cats we are introducing, as well as important information about Pet Poison Awareness Week and what to do if you think your pet has ingested a poison – and what actually can be poisonous to cats! We at HHAS encourage you to click the link and to watch the show in full.

This month you will meet our adoptable cats Jude Paw, Catnip, Cat MiddletonCarli, and Kirk. We are also pleased to welcome back Dave DiNaso as a special guest of the show. It’s always a thrill to give you an opportunity to visit with Dave’s Traveling World of Reptiles! This month Dave will introduce us to an Asian Water Monitor, teach us about how this lizard uses camoflage and its senses to learn about its environment, and also share his insights into the nuances of presenting a show about lizards to children!

We hope that you will enjoy this episode of For The Love of Animals and can’t wait to have you back soon!