Update! Cats back at PetSmart and new adoption process.

As the re-opening of the state continues, Humane Haven Animal Shelter (HHAS) is changing how we operate to ensure compliance with guidelines and local statutes that impact our volunteers and our partners.

Illinois leadership is continuing to monitor and guide the state in the battle against Coronavirus. Now that Illinois has entered Phase 4 (“Revitalization“), Humane Haven Animal Shelter is very excited to announce that we have brought our cats back to the Adoption Center of the Bolingbrook PetSmart at 159 North Weber Road (located off Jennifer Lane in the strip mall behind the Meijer convenience station). We encourage you to come visit our kitties through their plexiglass, or peruse the book of adoptable cats & kittens that is set up outside the Adoption Center door. You can find our business cards as well as the biography of each adoptable cat or kitten there.

You may have noticed that we have updated our website’s event calendar to remove the Sunday and Wednesday adoption hours over the next few months. This has been done to respect the guidelines of the state, to prevent crowds in the PetSmart store, and to protect our volunteers and the general public. At this time adoption interviews and cat interactions are strictly limited to be held by appointment only. This change allows HHAS to ensure social distancing guidelines are met for the safety of potential Forever Families, the employees of PetSmart, and our volunteers.

If you find a cat or kitten who catches your fancy and you’d like to learn more or schedule a session with our adoption counselors, please email us via humanehaven [at] gmail dot com OR call our 24 hour messaging service at 630-378-4208. You will receive a response within 48 hours and we will be very pleased to schedule a time for you to meet and play with the kitty that caught your interest.

The family of HHAS volunteers thank you for your understanding and support of these important changes to our process. The community is a vital part of Humane Haven’s world, and ensuring the health of those who volunteer with us or who may adopt a kitty from us is of utmost importance.