The July 2018 edition of For The Love of Animals is now available online courtesy of Bolingbrook Community Television Channel 6!  This month we are all about the kittens, kittens and kittens! On this month’s show we are introducing six adoptable kittens, three young adults and sharing another visit with Dave DiNaso of Dave’s Traveling World of Reptiles! (1-888-SLITHER)! Dave will introduce us to Suffa, a green anaconda from South America. Dave will talk about how deforestation is impacting the territory and numbers of the largest snake in the world.

This month you will meet our adoptable kittens Janie, Frank, Beans, Noodles, Liam and Logan. Kathy and Carol will talk about the requirements for adopting a kitten from Humane Haven and what to expect when you bring a young feline into your home. We also will share three young adult cats with you. Please watch to meet Zara, Spunk and Sable. You will learn about their personalities, their stories how they arrived at HHAS and what sort of Forever Home might be best for them.

Also in this installment of For The Love of Animals, we will talk about the importance of providing space and territory for your cats, the difficult decision to surrender a cat to a rescue organization, and we put out a call for new volunteers. Can you give a homeless kitty an hour of your time each week? We have so many roles available, you can fill out an application to volunteer with us through our website!

We hope that you will enjoy this episode of For The Love of Animals and we are eager to see you here again for next month’s show!