About Lucinda:

Lucinda is a gorgeous 4-year-old silver kitty with some tabby markings. She has been at Humane Haven Animal Shelter for over 2 years. All this time, she has been searching for a Forever Home. Lucinda believes that somebody can accept and understand her. She knows she is a good kitty! We think her unique personality, along with her need to be an only pet, has kept her from being adopted thus far. Currently, Lucinda lives in a temp home. The guardian who cares for her has shared many wonderful photos and videos. We wanted to give you an opportunity to meet the mischievous, playful side of Lucinda. Maybe Lucinda is just the cat you have been looking for? Even if you don’t think Lucinda is right for your household, we would appreciate it so very much if you were to spread Lucinda’s message. We ask you to network, like and share this video with every cat lover you know!

Our plea:

Lucinda has spent half of her life so far within the shelter… won’t somebody please give her the understanding Forever Family that she knows is awaiting her?