Adopt A Senior Pet Month Featured Cat: Tabetha

All through November, Humane Haven Animal Shelter will be highlighting the loving, homeless senior cats who are looking to find their perfect Forever Family! While our kitties may be “senior” in age, there’s nothing that gets old about having a cat who loves and appreciates you. Won’t you consider adopting one of our wonderful, older kitties? They still have so many years of joy to share with you — they’re “seasoned at love!”


As we continue to celebrate National Adopt A Senior Pet Month we want to introduce you to Tabetha!

TABETHA is a bit cautious when meeting new people, but once she warms up, she’ll gladly accept gentle pets, cheek scratches, and brushing. She can be so very sweet, showing her affection by purring, rubbing on people companions, and giving them head bumps. She’ll also flutter her tail and roll over to show her belly once she’s very comfortable. You don’t get much more of a sign from a cat that you’re a good person than being shown a belly!

TABETHA doesn’t care for other cats and she’s protective of her personal space, so she’d do best as an only pet and in a home that respects her boundaries and who are looking to build trust with her. We’ve seen how she’s grown fond of our several volunteers and with patience and love, you can share the bond that we know she’s seeking! It’s hard not to love a “house panther” who has been aged to purrr-fection.

Please call Humane Haven Animal Shelter (630-378-4208) for more information about Tabetha or to make an appointment to meet her.